2020-2021 training year


Elite Canada 2020

Questo Senior Gymnast Tatiana Cocsanova finished 3d AA and won gold in clubs and bronze in hoop and ball.

Elizabeth Savchenko finished 5th AA and was just out of podium in hoop routine: 4th place. 

Another Questo senior gymnast, Julia Ivensky, finished 13th and progresses to HP category, which qualified her for National Championships in May 2020. 

Our junior gymnast SiYuan Cao qualified for Finals with her rope (7 place) and clubs (12 place) routines.

The group gymnasts Katerina Stoyanova, Ivy Chen, Heloise Henry De Villeneve, Liel Bogomolov and Marina Smirnov finished 3d AA and won Silver in Ribbon.

Congratulations to the gymnasts and coaches Natalia Popova, Ekaterina Shtrevensky, Maori Murciano and choreographer Galina Fateeva. 

Olympium Invitataional 2020

Questo gymnasts successfully competed at Olympium Invitational in Toronto in January 2020.

In the Senior HP category, Elizabeth Savchenko finished 2ndAA. Tatiana Cocsanova was 4th and won gold in ribbon. Yulia Ivensky finished 3d in the Senior National category.

In Junior competition, SiYuan Cao finished 2nd AA with two gold medals in ribbon and clubs.

At provincial level, Maria Passechnyy won gold in AA competition and gold in free at the level 3C.

At the same level, Kate Vetricean finished 3d and won gold in rope. Eva Cao, 5th in AA, won silver in rope.

Many thanks to coaches Natalia Popova, Ekaterina Shtrevensky, Lidia Joukova and Alexandra Chtrevenskii.

Slonny Cup 2020 (International Invitational Competition)

 We are proud to announce that all Questo gymnasts won medals at Slonny Cup this year.

Senior HP: Tatiana Cocsanova: Bronze AA; ribbon 2nd, clubs 3d. Elizabeth Savchenko: ball 3d

Senior National: Yulia Ivensky: Gold AA, ribbon 1st, clubs 1st

Junior HP: SiYuan Cao: rope 2nd, ribbon 3d

For the first time, Questo groups competed at the National level.

National Junior Group (Marina Smirnov, Katerina Stoyanova, Ivy Chen, Heloise Henry de Villeneuve, Liel Bogomolow): hoop 2nd

National Novice Group (Sasha Smirnov, Lucia Chen, Elizaveta Yarkova, Arine Shtrevensky, Sabrina Zhong): 1stplace.

Thank you to the coaches Natalia Popova, Ekaterina Shrevensky, Maori Murciano.

2019-2020 training year


VI RG Mazovia Cup. Nov 31-Dec 1, 2019, Poland

Questo gymnasts sacsessfully participated in the VI RG Mazovia Cup in Poland. Congratulations to our senior gymnast Tatiana Cocsanova who won the 3 place in the AA competition, gold in Clubs and bronze in Hoop. Suzanna Shahbazian finished 4th, won bronze in Ball and Ribbon. 

Elizabeth Savchenko finished 5th, Julia Ivensky -10th.

Si Yuan Cao, junior gymnast, won bronze in the rope competition and finished 12th AA.

Thanks to the coaches Natalia Popova and Ekaterina Shtrevensky.

NDG-CDN Soirée Lauréats sportifs 2019

We are proud to announce that the following Questo gymnasts became Winners of  NDG-CDN Soirée Lauréats sportifs 2019:

Natalia Popova: Outstanding coach;

Maori Murciano: Borough coach;

Marina Smirnov: Recognition of sportsmanship;

Questo LV 3 Group (Sasha Smirnov, Liza Yarkova, Lucia Chen, Arine Shtrevensky): Outstanding team partners.

Junior Pan-American Championships

Three Questo junior gymnasts, Elizabeth Savchenko, Tatiana Cocsanova and Suzanna Shahbazian, represented Canada at the Junior Pan-American Championships in Mexico in June 2019.

Elizabeth Savchenko became the bronze medalist in the AA competition.

Team Canada (Questo gymnasts Elizabeth, Tatiana, Suzanna, and Ontario gymnast Michel Vivier) won the silver medal in the Team Competition. Team USA finished first; Team Mexico - third.

Warmest congratulations to the girls and their coaches Natalia Popova, Galina Fateeva and Ekaterina Shtrevensky.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Junior World Championships

Questo is very proud to announce that its junior gymnast Elizabeth Savchenko represented Canada in the first-ever Rhythmic Gymnastics Junior World Championships 2019 that took place on July 19-21 in Moscow, Russia.

University Games 2019

Questo is proud to announce that Questo senior gymnast Alexandra Chtrevenskii represented Canada at the XXX University Games in Italy in July 2019. Alexandra was the first Quebec Rhythmic Gymnast to participate in the University Games.

Coach of the Year

Questo Head Coach Natalia Popova received the "Domestic Coach of the Year" designation from Gymnastics Canada in recognition of her work with the National level gymnasts and their successful performances at Elite Canada and Canadian Championships.